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Thank you for your interest in the services of Technoworries Computer Repair. Returning visitors have certainly noticed the complete overhaul of the website. I am archiving the original site after seven years of service in order to assure customer security and to keep current with web standards and multi-browser functionality. While new in appearance the site still represents the same business, personnel, and service you have come to know.

Technoworries is a computer repair service in Lemont, Illinois. The business was officially created in 2004 with experience in repairing and upgrading computers dating back several years prior. It is a business that has all of today's legal and technical requirements while retaining all of the personal characteristics and atmosphere of a small repair shop. All you really need to know about me you will likely discover in our first conversation. If you do contact me for assistance, past experience predicts that you and I will get along from the start, and that neither of us will have reason to regret the meeting if we end up doing business. Anything else you would like to know feel free to ask.

Just as I had been compelled as a child to take apart any machine I could find, at times leading to unfortunate disciplinary events, I eventually ended up investigating the technology contained in an early desktop computer. Through schooling, books, trade papers, articles, seminars, conversations and online groups of enthusiasts, I was able to keep the momentum going and keep up with the leaping strides in technology. I believe the average person either takes to the concepts and languages of the computer environment or not. Many people have no interest in understanding what makes a computer work, while others think of little else. Some find it frightening while others find a new world of education or just fun and games. I admit to a past addiction of sorts to online gaming myself. Sixteen hour stretches in Everquest with the occasional bounce of the sleeping head off my keyboard, and then off to work after a little nap.

So less about me and more about the company. They are one and the same. I work out of a home office and if you choose to start up a friendly conversation, you might just find yourself missing a hour or two of your day when you come by to drop off or pick up your machine. Especially if you show an eagerness to learn how something works. I don't mind sharing knowledge and helping people do for themselves. So far any income I have left on the table by giving away time or knowledge has come back to me in one way or another. Treat folks well and good things happen.

I made a commitment to write an about me page this time, and so I have, but I do expect that it will soon all have to be rewritten to convey a more professional message. Then I shall talk of certifications, college credits, references, guarantees, and some honest to goodness salesmanship; someday.

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