Why Technoworries

SAVE TIME AND MONEY - Reasonable rates with next day service in many cases.

FREE ESTIMATES - Know your options before you spend your money.

IT'S FIXED OR IT'S FREE - By standing behind that simple slogan I tend to make sure that I can fix the problem before I invest our time or jeopardize my reputation.

THANK YOU - for supporting local small business.

I continue to provide capable yet affordable computer related services to home users and small businesses in Lemont, Illinois and surrounding communities. I have lived in Lemont since 1970 and Technoworries officially opened in 2004. My sincere thanks to the many folks that have trusted me to repair their valuable devices, restore their important data, and preserve cherished memories thought lost. I have been rewarded with memories of my own from so many customer relationships. I hope and expect to continue this way for some time.

Offering people an affordable repair option that includes old fasioned customer service is what most people tell me separates Technoworries from other larger repair service providers. May customers have likewise expressed an appreciation for my high level of communication, before and throughout the repair process, as well as my eagerness to share relevant and valuable information in an easy to understand manner.

By taking the time to pinpoint the actual source of the trouble, instead of thoughtless and wholesale part replacement, I am able to save folks money, as well as valued personal and professional data. I am granted the time that allows for this diligence as I am not compelled by a high volume of business but by cultivating relationships with loyal customers.

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