Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled on-site performance of a customized routine preventive maintenance plan for Home
and Small Business users. Common adjustments and simple software trouble shooting will
be included in your scheduled visits. Concerns of home users and small business owners should
not be focused on information technology. The computer system of your home or small business
should be dependable and perform reliably. A computer maintenance contract provides you with
a constant proactive support system. This means that I will visit your home or workplace on a
regular basis to solve problems. I will do this with minimal interruption to your schedule.

    A Typical Scheduled Maintenance Plan Might Include:

    • Create A Restore Point and clean up oldest points to free up system resources

    • Perform Necessary Operating System Program File Updates
      while this can be automated, there are some updates that simply are not critical,
      or even necessary; unless you truly need to view office documents in 47 languages

    • Apply Security Patches and Hot Fixes and verify functionality afterwards

    • Update Antivirus program files, virus definition files, and scan entire system

    • Perform one additional virus scan and two malware scans using programs not
      currently installed on the computer as redundant protection

    • Run Windows disk clean up, a disk scan, and defragment hard drive sectors

    • Perform 32 System Cleaning Functions including temporary internet files,
      cookies, index.dat files, thumbnail cache, memory dumps, log files, etc.

    • Perform 16 Registry Cleaning Functions including missing shared DLL’s,
      ActiveX issues, obsolete software, fonts, etc.

    • Add Programs that are needed and not installed

    • Remove Programs that are installed but not needed

    • Start Up Maintenance to prevent unneeded programs from starting up every
      time the computer starts thereby slowing boot time to unbearable durations.

    • Case Maintenance: Clean air vents, fans, chassis interior, and keyboard/mouse
      as needed. Look, listen, and feel for signs of potential hardware failure

    • A typical Price structure for this typical plan might be:
      • $30 per machine per visit if scheduled monthly
      • $50 per machine per visit if scheduled quarterly
      • $90 per machine per visit if scheduled anually

      Proposal and Contract sample available upon emailed request .
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