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Data / Analytics. Timeless. Still hot and will always be a priority as businesses find new and different ways to leverage their data. For retail, the analytics and data upside is in demand forecasting and supply chain planning. In addition, better inventory visibility through a combination of data and systems such as NoSQL as well as sensors to monitor in-stock/out-of-stock (on shelf, in warehouse, in transit) will continue to enable flexible transformation. Analytics becomes part of the fabric of the organization – this skill set now and, in the future, will be “part” of every team – not its own disparate team. For retailers with scale, a centralized data science/data discovery/decision science team could be useful in fueling reporting, BI and analytics methods in the business

Modern touchscreen cash registers aren’t like the clunky manual cash registers of the past. Thanks to the development of innovative software, modern touch screen cash register system is almost like small computers – they can literally assist you in every area of your business; from taking payments to marketing.

They’re much more stylish, too. In fact, many companies choose to use their iPad as a cash register – all they have to do is download a point of sale app. Alternatively, you can purchase touchscreen cash register units to be located at a fixed point in your restaurant. These units come ready-installed with point of sale software.

With that being the case, we’ve split this article into two. In the first section, we’ll talk about the different features of a touchscreen cash register, and how you can use each one to run your business more efficiently. Secondly, we’ll talk about how to accessorize your touchscreen register, so you can use it to its max.

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