Owner Steve AndrewsThe Technoworries Blog will allow me to provide many more people with answers to the most frequently asked questions presented to me. I can also pass along computer related information that I believe is important, interesting, or worthy of warning. Current stories, security threats, opinions on various software or hardware, and perhaps the occasional personal post for fun. Please continue to contact me for answers, opinions, or advice. It is likely that others have the same problem and your input helps me focus on what the normal people need me to be working on. At first there will be a high percentage of the articles addressing issues some might consider common knowledge that everybody already knows or should know by now. The articles reflect the questions and issues I am presented with most often. Eventually the mix of information will include higher level concepts and instruction for more advanced users. Until then, use the contact form, I will do my best to help you, and probably use your issue for a future article.

Recent photos of me, post-eighties, are rare. In fact, to come up with a website picture, I had to take one with my phone sitting at a stop sign sometime this past summer. I include the image on this page for two reasons. I was convinced to do so by the instructions I am trusting at this time. The secondary purpose of the snapshot is to avoid giving customers a fright when they arrive for the first time.

My hope is that this blog provides visitors with ways to help themselves solve common computer problems while the overall content offers some confidence in my ability to help them with more serious matters professionally. While I have always offered information freely, even started two or three blogs over the years, the motivational tipping point for me actually launching the blog, was the value of social networking as affordable marketing. It’s true that am trying to help as many people as possible but you clicking on those Tweet Google Link Face sharing buttons helps me come up higher on search engines without advertising expenses that would be passed on to the customer.
By the way, If you have not already been to the rebuilt main website please visit and let me know what you think.

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